Road Stage


The Category 1/2 race will begin at 09:31 on Saturday morning. All subsequent ability categories will start in five minute intervals. This race is comprised of laps approximately 42.1km in length.
The map below shows the general location (if the embedded Google Map doesn’t appear use this link).

The Strava route can be found here.


Edmonton To Rolly View

Calgary To Rolly View

Start Times & Laps

Category Start Time Laps Total Distance
Men 1/2 09:31 3 126km
Men 3 09:37 3 126km
Women 1/2/3 09:40 3 126km
Men 4 09:55 2 84km
Men 5 10:01 2 84km
Women 4/5 10:05 2 84km
U15/U17 10:10 1 42km
We expect the U15/U17 race to end around 11:15. All other categories should be completed by 13:30.


The Rolly View Community Hall is the staging site for this road race. The gravel parking lot may be a little tight, so please park intelligently and be considerate of others. The hall will be open to use the rest room facilities.

License Check & Sign-In (Number Pickup If Applicable)

License check & sign-in will open at 8:30am just inside the hall. Seeing as the first race is off at 09:31am, license check and sign in will close at 09:20.

Number Placement

Two jersey numbers and a frame plate.

Number Pinning Right Side

Number placement on the jersey is on the right shoulder and lower back.


No team or unauthorized following vehicles are permitted in the road race.

Commissaire Vehicles

There will be a Commissaire vehicle with race radio following each category of the race.

Wheel Vehicles

Wheel cars will follow the peloton of each ability category. Wheels are not neutral UNLESS the wheel car is full. Drop your spare wheels off in the respective ability level’s wheel car. The wheel cars will be parked at marked locations at the Rolly View community hall and can be loaded up to approximate 09:25.

Wheels from your ability level will return to the Rolly View community hall once your race is completed.

First Aid & Emergency Services

An ambulance and several paramedics will be on the course. The nearest hospital is the Leduc Community Hospital.

Feed Zone

We will be following UCI feed zone regulations: “Feeding is prohibited on climbs, descents and during the first 50 and last 20 km”.

The feed zone has been placed on Range Road 233 beginning at Township Road 484 and is 250m in length. It will be marked with the green feed zone flags. You may feed only on laps two and three. U15/U17 riders should bring enough nutrition for the duration of their race.

Instructions To Feeders & Team Support

Feeders must keep vehicles completely off the road surface, including the shoulder. Race organizers and local residents will not tolerate any litter or waste left behind. Feel free to find safe parking on Township Road 484 and simply walk to the feed area.

Instructions To Racers

Bottles and trash are only to be discarded in the feed zones. Failure to abide will result in fines.

Finish Line

The finish line is approximately 800m south Rolly View road on Range Road 233.

The finishing sprint must not cross the centre line. You will run the risk of being relegated or disqualified should you violate the centre line rule.

At the conclusion of your race, proceed with extreme care when turning around to head back north to the Rolly View community hall.

End Of Race Celebrations

Podium Presentations

Podium presentations will be held shortly after the race ends over at the Rolly View Community Hall parking area.


Category First Place Second Place Third Place
U15 $40 $30 $20
U17 $40 $30 $20
Men 1/2 $100 $80 $60
Men 3 $100 $80 $60
Men 4 $75 $60 $50
Men 5 $75 $60 $50
Women 1/2/3 $100 $80 $60
Women 4/5 $75 $60 $50

Omnium Points

The Stieda Classic 2018 race leaders are determined by totalling points acquired in the Road Race + Individual Time Trial + Criterium Points Race.

The summary of omnium points can be found on the race home page

ABA Points

This event will be part of the Alberta Provincial Road Series with series and upgrade points available according to the ABA Points Schedule B:

Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
ABA-PTS 20 15 12 10 8 6 4 2

Food & Refreshments

Da Capo Caffé will be on location all day serving up their delicious coffee. If we’re fortunate they will remain at the hall in between the Road Race and Individual Time Trial event.

We will also be serving snacks and refreshments at the Rolly View Community Hall in between the road race and time trial.

Bill says: don’t make a pig of yourself.