Saturday - Road Race Notes





Parking At Rolly View

We’ll have a parking official at the hall Saturday morning. If you beat us there, please park intelligently in the yellow area depicted below. We have a large number of riders to accommodate, don’t make us move you around after you’ve set up.

Racer Parking In Yellow

Pre-Race Sign In

Inside the hall you must sign in and go through license check.

Race Numbers With Number Plate

Number Pinning Right Side

Race Start Times

Category Start Time Laps Total Distance
Men 1/2 11:01 3 107km
Men 3 11:05 3 107km
Women 1/2/3 11:10 3 107km
Men 4 11:16 2 72km
Men 5 11:21 2 72km
Women 4/5 11:24 2 72km
U15/U17 11:28 1 36km

Your Commissaire vehicle will be parked on RR-234 (refer to the picture above). You’d do well to get behind that vehicle a few minutes before your race’s start time.

Refer To The Tech Guide For More Information

Help Yourself To The Food & Beverages

We have bars and bananas and drinks from Blush Lane Organic Market and their free online grocery store Please help yourself to the snacks.