County Notification - The Alex Stieda Classic

The Juventus Cycling Club of Edmonton in partnership with the Alberta Bicycle Association are hosting the third annual Alex Stieda Classic amateur cycling race weekend. The race weekend will begin with a road race in Leduc County in and around the Rolly View community.


Event Name: The Alex Stieda Classic Amateur Cycling Race Weekend
Date: Saturday, May 9, 2020

Road Race Traffic Disruptions Beginning At: 11:00
Road Race Traffic Disruptions Ending At: 16:00 (at the latest)
Motorist Access During Closure?: YES! Please simply slow down and pass with care.

Additional Information

A road race takes several hours to complete and some ability groups will be racing over 120km. You will see several groups (pelotons) of riders on the course because we run seven separate races, one for each ability category. The race is rectangular in shape and proceeds clockwise on RR 223, HWY 616, HWY 814, & HWY 623. The finish line is south of HWY 623 on RR 233.


Below is a Google Map that race organizers use for planning and communicating the event’s road closures and access points. Please open the legend by clicking the slider icon in the top left corner of the map’s title bar; you can click to enable some of the map layers that describe our plans.

Road Race - 11 AM

You can also view the map at Google Maps by following this link.

Road Race Traffic Disruptions

Expect minimal traffic disruptions but understand that the race will take over a full lane of traffic and be riding between 30-40km/h. Motorists must pass cyclists with care and in an expedited fashion.

Signs will be posted to warn motorists of their approaching the event. At all major intersections and race corners, multiple marshals will be present to calm traffic and allow the race to proceed with care. Vehicles may be asked by marshals to stop and wait for the race to come through.

Official race vehicles will follow behind the race and act as a buffer between motorists and the cyclists. Please pass with care.

Other Notes

An ambulance and paramedics will be at the Rolly View Community Hall to respond to any emergencies. Team tents will be propped up in the parking area around the hall and church. Da Capo Caffé will be serving their fine coffee to spectators and guests.

We will be bringing several garbage bins to collect refuse from riders and guests. Our commitment is to leave the area as clean and tidy as we found it.


Bill Burtnik

Dan Nelson