Saturday Morning Road Race - Notes To Competitors 4 days ago





Number Pickup

Save yourself some time Saturday morning by picking up your race numbers Friday night at the Argyll Velodrome from 18:00 to 20:00.

You can always pick up your race numbers Saturday morning. Expect a line up.

Parking At Rolly View

We’ll have a parking official at the hall Saturday morning. If you beat us there, please park intelligently in the yellow area depicted below. We have a large number of riders to accommodate, don’t make us move you around after you’ve set up.

Racer Parking In Yellow

Pre-Race Sign In

Inside the hall you must sign in and go through license check.

Da Capo Coffee

Bring some cash and grab yourself a coffee from Antonio on your way out the door.

Race Numbers With Number Plate

Number Pinning Right Side

Race Start Times

Category Start Time Laps Total Distance
Men 1/2 09:31 3 126km
Men 3 09:37 3 126km
Women 1/2/3 09:40 3 126km
Men 4 09:55 2 84km
Men 5 10:01 2 84km
Women 4/5 10:05 2 84km
U15/U17 10:10 1 42km

Your Commissaire vehicle will be parked on RR-234 (refer to the picture above). You’d do well to get behind that vehicle a few minutes before your race’s start time.

Stage Prizing

Category First Place Second Place Third Place
U15 $40 $30 $20
U17 $40 $30 $20
Men 1/2 $100 $80 $60
Men 3 $100 $80 $60
Men 4 $75 $60 $50
Men 5 $75 $60 $50
Women 1/2/3 $100 $80 $60
Women 4/5 $75 $60 $50

Refer To The Tech Guide For More Information