Junior Selections - No Gravel 10 months and 3 weeks ago

Gravel Shortcut Removed From 2018 Road Race Course

We are sad to report that the gravel section of the road race will not be available as The Alex Stieda Classic is being used for Junior Selections to nationals.

Obviously we understand that many of you enjoy the gravel element of the race. Some of you hate it! Regardless, we have run several scenarios that would try to include the gravel section for other race categories but we feel it will not be possible logistically and add to that will be a tremendous burden on our volunteer base.

Rolly View

As such the race will racing through the Rolly View community rather than taking the gravel section shortcut. The Rolly View hall will once again be the staging area for the road race and the time trial.

Time trial course and details are still to come.

Road Race Loop